AS OF OCTOBER 15, 2017



  • Equipment consists of five graders, 10 packers, one water truck, one excavator, 10 clam-dumps, one loader and four bulldozers

  • Crews are applying surface gravel between KM 115.8 and KM 116.6

  • Embankment shaping, grading, packing and compacting in progress

  • Installation of guard rails underway at bridge crossings and at sections with higher embankments

  • Installation of regulatory traffic signs underway 

  • Application of surface gravel in progress

  • Quality control technician testing compaction

  • 6 days production lost due to weather


  • All culverts have been installed

  • Work underway on several bridges, including the approaches and bridge paint 


  • Reclamation complete at Pit 177, Pit I401A, Pit GSC4, and Pit PW10

  • Final reclamation in progress at Pit 174

  • Maintenance of ditches and trenches underway at Pit 312, as well as repair of pit access road and camp pad; two bulldozers working for crushing operations

  • Two bulldozers stockpiling at Pit 312


  • No spills or incidents to report


  • There are 85 people currently employed on the project, 71 of whom reside in the Northwest Territories (NWT)

  • A total of 137,894 employment days have been achieved to date of which 99,686 were for residents of the NWT