AS OF JULY 30, 2017


- Applying surface crush between Km 67 to Km 70

- Final grading and compaction efforts from km 8.3 to km 10, and km 38 to km 50.

- Continuation of work on pit 312 access road.

- Haul 251 loads reject crush from airport quarry to NEI and various locations from km 0 to km 15.

- Surveyors working between km 57 and km 76

- Quality Control Tech working on compaction testing on embankment.

- Installation of guardrails and signage is upcoming


- All culverts have been installed


- Eight bridges have been installed


- Pit 174: Extraction completed, final reclamation in progress

- Pit 177: Completed reclamation

- Pit GSC4: Completed reclamation

- Pit 312: Repair of pit access road and camp pad area ongoing

o Equipment includes one D10 stockpiling for crusher, one rock truck

o Maintain drainage ditches and trenches.

o Repair of pit access road and camp pad area ongoing.

o Stockpile material for crushing operation

- Pit I401A: Completed reclamation

- Pit PW10: Completed reclamation


- Surface water run-off has been identified in pit PW10. A report has been issued in accordance with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) recommendation.

-All other regulators have been alerted to the matter.

-As with any potential issue, the matter is being monitored and responded to in a timely manner.


- Geotechnical drilling program completed

- Replacement of 51 thermistor protective covers and installation of 51 data collectors scheduled for the month of July

-As of August 2017, instrumentation has been installed to monitor ground temperature, water temperature, and water depth at various sites near Havikpak Creek, Bridge A3 and Bridge 18.


- Over 70 individuals were employed on the project at the peak of the 2017 summer construction season, 10 of whom were women.

- Total days employment achieved to date as of July 30, 2017 = 72,190 North/59,812 South

- Total days of employment achieved for Inuvik region and NWT residents as of July 30, 2017 = 48,020 North/46,939 South

- One ILA monitor